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Safe identification. Flawless delivery.

Particularly in areas where quality control and absolute traceability are important criteria, AIT id-systems and the level of transparency resulting, ensure the continuous optimization of the manufacturing process.

Reliable reading of 1D and 2D codes as well as the reading and writing of RFID tags provide an important basis for this.

Our wide range of products offers high capability, ease of operation, variety, and excellent performance when reading codes. Simple menu-guided parameterization programs allow the systems to be integrated in your plant.

AIT Display DLL for In-Sight and DataMan

Display of camera images for In-Sight and DataMan in Siemens HMI PRO user interfaces with the ...


Innovations for EasyID! The stationary ID readers of the In-Sight® series offer unprecedented ...

AIT EasyID Point

AutoID and pallet control at the I-point: The goods arrive at the I-point and are to be fed into the ...

AIT EasyID Verifyer

In addition to the well-known In-Line ID reading systems based on the proven AIT EasyID software, ...

AIT Flat-Light

Perfect for contour checks etc.: AIT Flatlight 45x33, 64x45, 88x64, 127x88 transmitted light.

AIT LinearLight 44/82/158

Robust, bright LED light / Very long service life / Available in red, white and infrared light colours ...

AIT Ring-Light

Due to their robust technology, the AIT ring lights can be used for a wide variety of vision tasks. ...

AIT ScanLine 400

The AIT ScanLine 400 consists of 8 individual scanners, which can be arranged in modular rows in ...

AIT ScanTable

The AIT ScanTable is a camera-supported workstation in the incoming goods department for the ...

AIT ScanTunnel

The AIT ScanTunnel is an automated checkout system without the need for staff, developed in coop...

AIT Sys-Light 200

The AIT Sys-Light enables optimal image acquisition through large-area homogeneous illumination.

Cognex DataMan 150 / 260

For 1-D linear barcodes, higher-density 2-D matrix codes, or direct part mark (DPM) codes, the ...

Cognex DataMan 360

The award-winning DataMan 300/360 series is the most versatile Cognex fixed-mount barcode reader..

Cognex DataMan 50 / 60

Premium Cognex barcode reading technology in a compact barcode reader.

Cognex DataMan 8700DX

Manufacturing environments in automotive, medical device, electronics, aerospace, and other industr..

Zebra Fixed Scanner FS40

Comprehensive feature set, extraordinary flexibility, unsurpassed value Today more than ever, the ...