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AIT ScanTable

The AIT ScanTable is a camera-supported workstation in the incoming goods department for the automated recording of delivery notes and package labels. Plain text and barcodes are captured using deep learning algorithms and they are transferred to the ERP system.

Previously, each delivery note was transferred manually into the existing ERP system.

With the AIT ScanTable the following points are achieved:

  • Increasing the quality of incoming goods postings
  • Reduction of error susceptibility
  • Simplification of the process and support of the employees in the incoming goods department
  • Increase in the number of booking entries
  • Simplification and shortening of training time for new employees

The worker in the incoming goods department places the delivery note on the worktable and starts visual recognition. After the classification of the delivery note has been completed and all relevant data has been successfully read, a request is sent to the ERP system to determine the order information as well as the article master and footprint data. Once the data has been successfully returned from the ERP system, the information is entered in the form.

The package is then placed on the worktable. The system reads the data from the label, compares it with the delivery note, and posts it to the ERP system.

The use of the AIT ScanTable makes sense where there is a high throughput of packages at goods receipt.

AIT ScanTable in Aktion

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