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ID Applications

Together with its customers, AIT develops ID applications for DataMatrix, barcode or plain text reading as well as RFID. More than 30,000 production-safe AIT systems installed worldwide speak for themselves. You can find some case studies in German here:

From the clean room to the harsh production environment
ID codes are applied to a wide variety of surfaces. With AIT systems, ID codes are reliably decoded even under the most difficult conditions.

  • Metal lasered
  • Metal needled
  • Metal printed
  • Plastic lasered
  • Plastic needled

Read plain text
Numbers, letters and symbols are taught and read even in the most difficult conditions. AIT offers intelligent systems for the highest demands on reading reliability.

  • Read plastic cards
  • Read embossed characters
  • Verify imprints
  • Read BBD (best before date)
  • Read postcodes

Read, Verify, Validate
The secure readability of ID codes is a decisive factor in every supply chain of a trouble-free process. This applies to both the manufacturing of products and the distribution of goods. Track and trace are key strategies, e.g. to ensure error-free installation or the secure delivery of quantities and qualities:

  • Time-accurate location of a part, product or goods delivery
  • Safe process control/monitoring
  • Clean process and workflow documentation
  • Locating lost charges
  • Targeted and complete execution of recalls
  • Reduction or even exclusion of product piracy

In the case of technical faults or e.g. harmful contamination of food or medicines, Track & Trace can save lives!

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Particularly in areas where quality assurance and absolute traceability are important criteria, the transparency created by RFID ensures continuous optimisation of the manufacturer’s processes. Compliance with legal regulations and standards, and assurance of the highest quality for the end consumer are also very important. With RFID-based systems, elementary information is provided or assigned directly to the respective part. Potential errors in the manufacturing process are thus proactively prevented.

RFID systems

  • work wear-free and contactless
  • are insensitive to temperature fluctuations, dirt, water and oils
  • have an extremely long lifetime
  • can be individually adapted to any application

RFID systems always consist of

  • a mobile data carrier
  • a read/write head
  • an evaluation unit (interface module)