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Deep Learning Products

More reliable. Faster. Easier to configure.

This is possible thanks to self-learning algorithms with our intelligent machine vision systems. As a manufacturer-independent provider, we have Deep Learning components and software from a wide range of partners as well as our own turnkey solutions.


AIT EasyDL Deep Learning software for setting up and controlling machine vision inspections.

AIT EasyPlus

The machine vision software is a universal platform for using a wide variety of sensors and...

AIT Electrode Check

Check battery electrodes for foreign particles. Reliable detection and classification...

AIT OCR Inspector

With the AIT OCR Inspector, we offer two different technologies for reading (OCR) and verifying .....

AIT Pouch Cell Testing

Pouch cell surface inspection with trevista DOME, AIT EasyPlus and Deep Learning...

AIT ScanTable

The AIT ScanTable is a camera-supported workstation in the incoming goods department for the ...

Cognex In-Sight 2800 Deep Learning

Cognex In-Sight 2800 combines Deep Learning technology with traditional vision tools.

Cognex In-Sight D900

In-Sight D900 is a smart camera including ViDi software for deep learning applications.. Intelligent ...

Cognex VisionPro Deep Learning

VisionPro Deep Learning is a deep learning-based image analysis software for factory automation.

MVTec Halcon

HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for industrial image processing (Machine Vision) ...

Smart Cell Inspection

Smart Cell Inspection deep learning machine vision solutions for battery cell production