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AIT Electrode Check

Check battery electrodes for foreign particles

In battery cell production, the smallest particles on coated electrodes must be detected quickly and reliably before the stacking or winding process. Modified surface coatings (e.g. through the addition of silicon) represent a major challenge here. At the same time, the coating must be checked for irregularities (such as coating defects, scratches, kinks…).

With the trevista sensor system for the inline inspection of coated electrodes, which has been further developed by AIT, we offer a solution for the process-safe detection and classification of the smallest particles and defects in 3D with microscopic resolution. For the localisation and classification of defects, we use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies.

Prüfbild AIT Elektroden Prüfung Neue Antriebstechnologien eMobility

Fig.: Foreign particles and fiber on electrode

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