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Fixed-mount ID Readers

AIT EasyID Point

AutoID and pallet control at the I-point: The goods arrive at the I-point and are to be fed into the ...

AIT ScanLine 400

The AIT ScanLine 400 consists of 8 individual scanners, which can be arranged in modular rows in ...

AIT ScanTable

The AIT ScanTable is a camera-supported workstation in the incoming goods department for the ...

AIT ScanTunnel

The AIT ScanTunnel is an automated checkout system without the need for staff, developed in coop...

AIT SmartGate

Automatic 1D/2D code reading on the fly with the AIT SmartGate. Universally applicable in logistics.

Cognex DataMan 150 / 260

For 1-D linear barcodes, higher-density 2-D matrix codes, or direct part mark (DPM) codes, the ...

Cognex DataMan 280

Cognex DataMan 280 Series fix-mount 1D/2D Code Readers with unprecedented read rates

Cognex DataMan 470 / HSSM – High Speed Steerable Mirror

High Speed Steerable Mirror DataMan 470 | HSSM

Cognex DataMan 580

Fixed-mount code reader for extremely fast reading in high-speed logistics applications

Real-time locating/RTLS & AutoID

AIT Goehner offers a new all-in-one solution with RTLS and AutoID for the entire intralogistics