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AIT SmartGate
AIT SmartGate automatisches Logistik Scantor

Automatic reading of codes on-the-fly

The AIT SmartGate is a scangate, for example in the truck loading bay area. It can be used to automatically scan and record all 1D and 2D codes of a pallet on one or two sides.

The pallet is moved through the scangate via a conveyor line, a pallet truck or a forklift truck. The system automatically triggers the reading via the built-in light barrier. The read data (codes) can be transmitted via Profinet or TCP/IP to a higher-level system or control. The codes can also be presorted via a built-in script.

  • Innovative!
  • Economical!
  • Simple!

»» Pre-assembled system for easy, quick use!


All features and benefits

  • Automatically reads all 1D or 2D codes on pallets or crates on one or two sides while the pallet is moving
  • Can be used universally at a wide range of logistics points between incoming and outgoing goods
  • Scan height up to 3m
  • Horizontal length of the code max. 120mm
  • Minimum distance to code 800mm, maximum distance 2000mm
  • Pre-assembled system for easy quick installation
  • Simple connection of the system
  • No computer needed
Das neue AIT SmartGate für Warenein- und ausgang in der Intralogistik

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