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AIT ScanTunnel

The AIT ScanTunnel is an automated checkout system without the need for staff, developed in cooperation with Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH for the operation of a 24-hour shop.
The product travels on a belt through the AIT ScanTunnel. A 5-sided scanning system automatically captures the barcodes, after which a shopping basket is created and sent to the ERP system. During the entire process, the customer can take his time to inform himself about the innovative scanning process at an information tower. In addition to the visual information via the user interface, the customer receives a voice announcement in case of error messages. The items are provided with a merchandise security device that is only released by the AIT ScanTunnel. If a customer leaves the sales area without paying, an alarm is triggered.

The following points are achieved with state-of-the-art camera and scanner technology:

  • Simple and transparent operating dialogues and process control for the user
  • Automated article registration via the barcode identification of the goods
  • Data integration with the existing broker
  • Possibility of a backup article registration via hand scanner or manual article identification
  • Automated delivery note printout with QR code
  • Operation and error handling

In the smallest installation space in an area of 400 mm x 400 mm, with a reading performance of over 96 %, various product types – whether round or square – are reliably scanned on five sides with a module size of only 0.2 mm.

Due to individually customisable interfaces, software and user interfaces, the AIT ScanTunnel is industry-transferable and versatile.

AIT ScanTunnel data sheet
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