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Robot Guidance with Mikado
Mikado Roboter und die Griff in die Kiste

With the Mikado software, AIT Goehner develops application-specific solutions in the field of robot guidance.

Until now, the configuration of a bin picking application was not only very complex and time-consuming, but also required extensive knowledge of robotics and image processing. AIT Goehner offers the plant manufacturer to check the feasibility of a robot guidance task and then creating and implementing the processes using Mikado software. Workpieces can be easily defined using CAD data, and the robot application is parameterized using a GUI tool. Using a software simulator, the application can be checked for errors and optimized before commissioning without any risk. In live operation, an Ensenso stereo camera helps the robot independently find and grip workpieces on the basis of a 3D image.

What does Mikado offer?

With Mikado ARC (“Adaptive Robot Control”), you can now quickly and easily create bin picking, pick & place applications or end-of-line controls with robots. Instead of following predefined, taught-in and firmly defined paths, the robot automatically orients itself in the working area and reacts to every situation. Adaptive path planning and collision checking as well as a clearly arranged graphical gripping point editor simplify and shorten the changeover. This enables simple part changes in just 10 minutes due to minor modifications of the workpiece parameters. Even with high workpiece variance, small batches and prototype construction can be automated very efficiently with Mikado ARC.

Why Mikado?

Mikado ARC replaces complex and time-consuming robot programming with a modular, easily configurable GUI tool. By entering parameters and sizes of the working environment, the robot completely independently coordinates the processes for gripping or depositing parts and simplifies the description of the application workflow. In combination with powerful simulation tools, the ready-to-use Mikado controllers reduce the commissioning time of the Robot Guidance application to a minimum.

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