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LMI Gocator 3D Laser Profile Sensors

Intelligent 3D sensors

Gocator combines 3D scanning, measurement and control in a single device that requires no external PC or controller. This efficient design and high-performance functionality make it easy to integrate the Gocator into existing inspection systems, minimizing system costs and maximizing product quality and throughput.

All Gocators are factory calibrated, so the sensor can be set up immediately via web browser and functions such as exposure time, trigger, dimensional measurement tools and transfer method can be adjusted.

Once setup is complete, simply disconnect the sensor from the PC and the Gocator provides high-speed, real-time, micrometer-scale measurements in stand-alone mode for a wide variety of inspection applications.

Line profile sensors use a projected laser line for high-resolution scanning, measurement and control for automated quality control and material optimization at in-line production speed.

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