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Cognex trevista DOME

See what’s really there with trevista DOME!

Cognex trevista DOME is a patented illumination concept with a unique shape-from-shading* technology. It is particularly suitable for inspection tasks on demanding surfaces.

  • Perfect image quality for evaluating the finest topographical defects
  • Patented 2½D Shape-from-Shading process with 3D inspection quality
  • Optimised for inline inspection in industrial environments with high part throughputs
*What is Shape-from-Shading?
Shape-from-shading is an inspection technology that detects not only texture but also slopes and curvatures of surfaces. It is mainly used in automated quality control for inline inspection tasks and enables the reliable detection of shape deviations such as scratches, pores, blowholes or notches. The method is particularly suitable for demanding surfaces with a high degree of gloss, black surfaces or surfaces with different materials

trevista DOME types

  • Three standard sizes (S, M, L), flexible measuring field up to diameter 300 mm

Application Examples

Automated inspection system with trevista dome, which enables 100% inspection for function-critical defects in the µm range. The robust high-speed approach is perfect for integration into the existing production process.
motor piston: Single and cluster defects of the piston shell surface are detected and classified on the graphite layer as well as on metallic surface
bipolar plate fuel cell: typical punching defects such as waviness, scratches, kinks and material inclusions are detected on coated and/or uncoated bipolar plates

trevista DOME Area Scan

  • trevista DOME combined with area scan camera
  • inspection area flat/curved
  • component presentation clocked
  • resolution on object flexible
  • image acquisition typ. <100ms / Mbyte

trevista DOME Line Scan

  • trevista DOME combined with line camera
  • surfaces of components or flat/curved test surfaces
  • component presentation in rotation or linear movement
  • resolution on object flexible

All features and advantages

  • trevista DOME is the “state-of-the-art technology” in the shape-from-shading process
  • Sensor technology perfect for surface inspection in industrial environments
  • Realisation of cost-effective inspection systems without time-consuming illumination design and costly re-parameterisation – for maximum inspection reliability
  • Enables 100% inspection with high part throughput – short amortisation
  • Reliable detection of bad parts based on the topography information obtained in the μm range for maximum inspection stability
  • Minimisation of pseudo-rejects
  • Reproducible result images ensure production reliability
  • Stable inspection even with varying degrees of gloss and fluctuating brightness properties of the surface
  • Robust and maintenance-free, no readjustment necessary
  • High precision
  • Enormous light output
  • Perfect physical arrangement
  • Complex technology simply integrated by AIT Goehner

Revolutionary machine vision technology – Cognex trevista for precise inspections

Watch the YouTube video from Elwema and AIT Goehner here.

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