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AIT PaketScan 3in1

Identify, document and determine volume non-stop

The AIT PaketScan 3in1 identifies the barcode of the package and checks the package size. The volume of the parcel contents and the height of the box are determined via 3D scan. With this data, the box can be shortened and the filling material optimised. At the same time, the contents are photo-documented to rule out later complaints about missing goods. The entire process is carried out on the conveyor belt without stopping it.


  • Transparency and traceability through photo documentation of the package contents
  • Protects the environment and reduces costs by reducing filling material and box size
  • Optimisation of shipping through better logistics utilisation
  • Savings in transport costs through volume reduction
  • Adaptable to different belt widths and box sizes
  • Cycle time neutral due to testing in motion
  • Modular system adaptable to your needs

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