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AIT Easy3D-Scan
Easy3D Scan und EoL

Simply teach in 3D contours and compare at the touch of a button!
This is possible with the AIT Easy3D-Scan: Component inspection, injection molding parts inspection, completeness inspection, etc. The inexpensive complete system is versatile and includes:

  • industrial panel PC in protective housing, with stand and base plate
  • 3D scanner, connection cable and software

The software features to be emphasized are:

  • article management
  • 100 test positions per article

How does the AIT Easy3D scanner work?
The software detects manufacturing defects based on a previously trained sample part. For each position of an article (test part) to be checked, a sample part, a so-called “shall picture”, is stored in the software.

The parts to be inspected are carried out under the camera with the same settings as the shall pictures and compared with the shall picture. The comparison produces a difference image in which the deviations between the two images are visible (see figure 1: algorithm).

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