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AIT Bipolar Plate Check
Bipolarplatte für neue Antriebstechnologien

Surface Inspection of Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells

Hydrogen and fuel cells will make an important contribution to the electrification of drives in the future. As a key technology, they already play a decisive role in the transformation of the energy sector.

The quality of each individual bipolar plate has a significant influence on the function and performance of the entire fuel cell. Therefore, quality assurance within the complete production process via testing and identification systems is necessary.


  • Complex production process
  • High vertical range of manufacture
  • Components in different states

The demanding, meandering surface geometry of the active zone poses a particular challenge. Different brightnesses and highly specular properties of the component require special solution approaches that reliably detect all defined defects and still allow for a minimum pseudo-defect fraction.

For the solution AIT Goehner offers here, please see the product information under Download.

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