AIT provides the broadest range of various industrial 2D/3D vision systems and can therefore provide an appropriate solution to meet every production-related and logistical requirement.


Particularly in areas where quality control and absolute traceability are important criteria, AIT id-systems and the level of transparency resulting, ensure the continuous optimization of the manufacturing process.


Our top priority is to be customer-oriented and provide a fast and reliable service. Therefore, at AIT you will benefit from individual support by an experienced and motivated service team.

About AIT Goehner

Since 1989 AIT Goehner GmbH has been developing, distributing  and implementing vision systems for a countless variety of industrial applications. From simple controlling tasks, such as checking completeness with intelligent cameras, to highend pc-based multi-camera networked systems. With thousands of professionally installed systems, presently in use, AIT Goehner GmbH is one of the most successful companies in the industry.