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Ensenso 3D
IDS Ensenso 3D Kamera

Ensenso 3D cameras for 3D vision and robot vision applications!

Even more precise, robust and simple

3D image processing is considered the future of robot vision. Many applications in robot technology and automated series production can often only be solved satisfactorily with 3D information. This is true for demanding assembly processes such as gluing or welding, but also for the famous “grip in the box”. With the Ensenso stereo 3D models, IDS offers a solution for 3D image acquisition that is not only convincing in terms of precision, but also in terms of economy and speed.

The Ensenso 3D cameras work according to the “Projected Texture Stereo Vision” method (also known as snapshot method). Each model uses two CMOS sensors and a projector that projects auxiliary structures onto the object to be captured.

  • Robust, compact aluminum housing
  • Screwable GPIO connectors for trigger and flash
  • 2 monochrome CMOS sensors (global shutter, 752 x 480 pixels or 1280 x 1024 pixels)
  • Projector (illumination): either blue (465 nm) or IR (850 nm)
  • Interface: USB 2.0 or GigE
  • Power supply: Power supply unit or Power-over-Ethernet (data transfer and power supply via very long cable lengths possible)
  • Pre-calibrated and including MVTec HALCON interface and object-oriented API (C++, C#/ .NET)
  • Protection class up to IP65/67
  • Working distance up to 3.000 mm
  • Lens Focal length: 3.6 to 16 mm / 6 to 16 mm

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