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AIT Easy-EoL

Flexible end-of-line testing with AIT EasyEoL

By optical inspection of assemblies (e.g. in the powertrain area) you automatically control many features, among others:

  • Is the nameplate present and correct?
  • Are customer connections correctly present or correctly secured?
  • Are the clamps correctly fitted?
  • Are screws, caps, plugs present?

Optical features are checked and documented by the flexible and mobile inspection system AIT EasyEoL. The system consists of the Bosch APAS assistant© in combination with the high-quality optical inspection system AIT Easy3D-Scan and the In-Sight 7800. AIT EasyEoL references itself at the workplace and performs the end-of-line inspection. The sensor skin allows safe non-contact collaboration without a protective fence.

Maximum flexibility in optical inspection and identification

AIT now offers safety fence-free, highly flexible solutions in which a robot performs optical checks and identifications.

Industrial image processing has been used for many years to support workers in optical inspection and identification. However, if inspections are to be carried out at different points, various cameras are installed.
Yet, these cameras may get in the way of the worker and, since they are permanently mounted, the cameras are not very adaptable. The previous solution is an industrial robot equipped with a camera that can travel through the inspection and reading points. However, a safety fence has been necessary up to now. Apart from the investment costs, the employee loses time because he has to leave the protective area and a gate has to be closed.

Now AIT has a maximum flexible solution ready: The AIT RoboScan 2D/3D
By using the new six-axis lightweight robot from Universal Robots in combination, e.g. with the Cognex inspection camera In-Sight or with the Cognex DataMatrix reader DataMan, the inspection or identification is carried out without a protective fence.

The “UR Safety 3.0” safety system of the new generation of Universal Robots has been certified and tested by TÜV Nord (= German Association for Technical Inspection) in accordance with the standards EN ISO 13849:2008 PL d and EN ISO 10218-1:2011.

This results in safe human-robot collaboration, especially since optical testing and identification are carried out without contact and therefore there is no risk of crushing. If, for example, an employee enters the robotic cell, the robot works in reduced mode. If the employee leaves the cell, the robot can continue working at normal speed.

AIT RoboScan 2DAIT RoboScan 2D
AIT RoboScan 3DAIT RoboScan 3D

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