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AIT Display DLL for In-Sight and DataMan
AIT DLL Software plus Screenshot

Display of camera images for In-Sight and DataMan in Siemens HMI PRO user interfaces with the help of AITIn-SightDisplay/AITDataManDisplay and Siemens-DotNetUserControl

The Siemens HMI PRO user interface can be supplemented by own DotNetUserControls. These UserControls can be created with Microsoft VisualStudio as DLL files and integrated as HMI PRO images into the HMI PRO CS function key matrix. This way it is possible to display In-Sight and DataMan camera images in the Siemens HMI PRO user interface.

The DotNetUserControl provided by Siemens serves as the basis. It provides the interfaces to the buttons and function keys of the Siemens operating panels and thus enables the reaction to their actuation. In addition, it is possible to react to events such as changes in the language in order to adapt one’s own language-dependent displays.

For the integration of the In-Sight and DataMan camera images, AIT Goehner provides a DLL file based on DotNet. This DLL file provides methods and properties to connect to the In-Sight and DataMan camera and display the images using a user control that can be positioned in a form.

For simple applications, AIT Goehner offers a fully compiled DotNetUserControl “HMIProAITIn-SightDisplay/HMIProAITDataManDisplay”. It shows the In-Sight and DataMan camera image with the basic setting options via the function keys of the Siemens control panel. On request, AIT Goehner can also create views with extended functionalities. Advanced programmers can also integrate the AITIn-SightDisplay/AITDataManDisplay user control into the DotNetUserControl provided by Siemens themselves and thus exploit the full range of functions of the DLL.

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