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AIT 3D-MotionKit
AIT 3D-MotionKit auf Linearachse

AIT offers a ready-to-use package for 3D inspection tasks

The AIT 3D-MotionKit is used where 2D systems cannot be used for reliable testing, e.g. in the case of brightness fluctuations of workpieces or low-contrast parts.

Operating principle

The AIT 3D-MotionKit consists of the new 3D profile sensor DS1100 from Cognex, a control respectively evaluation unit and a linear axis.  Using laser triangulation and linear motion, the 3D-MotionKit creates a 3D elevation picture. The first-class 3D image processing tools allow fast and process-safe inspection. The axis is controlled via the inspection system so that the system is presented to the outside with only one interface.


Areas of application

The AIT 3D-MotionKit has applications across all industries, from volume determination in the food industry, to component check in the electronics industry, to assembly inspection of SEEGER® rings in the automotive industry.

AIT 3D MotionKit Cognex DS1000


Using the finished solution, you can quickly and easily perform 3D inspections to check volumes, heights, slanted position, and even embossed OCR fonts. For the user, the system represents a unit that digitally outputs only “Good” or “Bad” as a result, for example. Various options can make life easier, such as a simple ProfiNet connection.


Technical dataDS1050DS1101DS1300DS925B
Field of view width near range (mm)43649023,4
Field of view width far range (mm)7916241029,1
Safety distance (mm)8713518053,5
Measuring range (mm)7622072525
Laser Class2M2M2M2M
Resolution X (mm)0,059 - 0,0900,079-0,1810,101-0,4570,0183-0,0227
Resolution Z (mm)0,004 - 0,0140,010-0,0520,016-0,2650,002

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